Pros and Cons of Open vs. Enclosed Auto Transport

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Auto transport and shipping companies nowadays provide multiple and flexible methods to port your vehicles from one particular place to another via road or water ways. For transporting the vehicles via roads across cities the transport companies use long trailer trucks to load on the automobiles and move them to the desired location. Mostly, the trailers used can be enclosed or open car carriers for auto transport. Enclosed car carrier shipping companies usually charge more as compared to open car carrier services. To dig deeper into this let’s discuss the pros and cons of Open vs. Enclosed Auto Transport.
Open Auto Transport

Auto Transport companies that use open air car carriers employ long trailer trucks about 70-80 feet in length which can haul automobiles stacked in two-tier level on the trailer with a shorter row of cars stacked up at the bottom and a row of cars at the top all fastened with special clips and hangers to ensure the vehicles immobility during the transit.

  •  Least Expensive mode of car transport.
  • Better visibility to let drivers check the status of vehicles.
  • The vehicles are exposed to the harsh elements of climate at all times.
  • Lack of security in open carriers.
Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed car carrier shipping companies
also long car carrier trailer which are enclosed and covered from all sides ensuring complete safety and security of the vehicles in transit. Shipping vehicles in enclosed carriers is mostly used for expensive and antique vehicles for the same reason.

  • Ensures high level of security.
  • Protection against affects of weather
  • Safety against threats on the road such as debris.
  • Highly Expensive
  • Enclosed and long trailers are Less fuel efficient
  • Takes more time to transit vehicles as driver needs to keep a regular check on vehicles making stops.


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